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About Ivertec Broadband

Who are Ivertec?

Ivertec began in 1993 developing IT systems for industry (Temmler, Klinge, Astellas), schools and other businesses in Kerry and beyond. In 2003 the company began developing a wireless network for broadband provision in rural areas, mainly due to the company's own requirements as an IT services company based in South Kerry. We can empathise with homes and businesses frustrated with slow, unreliable broadband connections. Ivertec took it upon itself to ensure our company can provide excellent service through real high quality, fast and reliable connections. We can offer you the same!


What we Do - Broadband in Kerry

High Speed - High Quality - No Limits - No Hidden Charges

Due to the demand from our residential and commercial neighbours we have continued to expand the network (formerly Iveragh Broadband). Ivertec Broadband is now the largest network for broadband in Kerry.

Reliable & Fast Fibre Powered Broadband for Kerry Homes and Businesses.

Our Products / Features

  • Broadband

    No Limits! Our Fibre network is like a broadband highway into all parts of rural Kerry. Ivertec Broadband have invested in Fibre technology in order to offer the Highest speeds at the Lowest cost per MB in Kerry!

  • VOIP

    Voice Over Internet. Our VOIP service greatly reduces the cost of your phone with 1000 free minutes to landlines and 30 minutes to mobiles. You can even keep your existing number and stop paying for line rental.

  • Reliability

    Ivertec Broadband provides connections to schools, under contract from the Department of Education & Science, and industry in Kerry. In order to maintain these customers our network and connections need to be of the highest quality. We offer the same reliability to residential customers, you deserve this quality also and without any limits on your usage.

  • Speed

    Ever tried to stream a movie or send a large email over your phone line connection? In many parts of Kerry the maximum download speed is 2Mb at best. Ivertec Broadband can offer you 6MB or 10MB connections through our Fibre Powered network. Business customers can avail of speeds of 15MB download and upload allowing for VPN connections and large file transfer etc.

Before switching to Ivertec, I had a subscription with another provider. The sign-up fee was €100 and the monthly cost was €25.40. I had a 3 MB download and 1 MB upload speed. Digiweb were our telephone provider costing us €37 per month. Our bill for broadband and telephone totalled €62.40 per month. We are saving €12.42 every month since we subscribed to Ivertec Broadband's Home Advanced 10 MB broadband connection and Phone Add-On. Plus, we are getting a far superior service.
- Sean Palmer, Firies

Good internet was essential when I recently moved to Dingle, as I need it for my work from home. Finding a provider that could offer a fast and stable connection was a struggle after research revealed the many issues people had with their providers in the Dingle area. Then I came cross Ivertec, who offered good prices, fast speeds, and had positive reviews. The service has been fantastic, Netflix streaming is always smooth and the customer service has been excellent.
- Siobhan Griffin, Dingle


Extremely happy with the service from Ivertec broadband. My next door neighbours ordered it within days of our installation. The whole outfit is swift, efficient and professional.
- Kate O'Leary, Barleymount, Aghadoe, Killarney

Excellent service. As we live on Valentia Island, broadband through the landline wasn’t an option. Thanks to Ivertec, we now have a fast and reliable broadband connection. The installation was quick, simple, and as scheduled. The team are a pleasure to deal with.
- Robert Smyth, Valentia Island