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Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Addon

The customer will receive 1000 free landline minutes to Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and other requested countries. 30 free minutes to any Irish mobile are also included each month.


If my broadband connection is not working, will my phone still work?
No, the company’s service is delivered across the Ivertec Broadband network so if the broadband connection is down unfortunately your telephone service will also be down.

Can I have the VOIP service on its own?
Unfortunately the customer cannot have the VOIP service on its own. The service must be coupled with a broadband package.

Phone Addon Billing & Free Minutes

If I sign up to the Ivertec Broadband and Phone service before the 15th day of the month, will I still receive my free minutes?
Yes, you will be entitled to 100% of the free minutes.


If I sign up to the Ivertec Broadband and Phone service after the 15th day of the month, will I still receive my free minutes?
No, you will be entitled to 50% of the free minutes for the first month and thereafter you will be entitled to 100% of the free minutes


Will my free minutes reset automatically each month?
Yes, they will reset on the first calendar day on each month.


If I have minutes left over, can these be carried forward to the next period?
No, remaining minutes cannot be carried forward to the next month.


My free minutes are used up, what happens?
The customer will receive a voice message and email highlighting this. Users will get an automated message saying ‘insufficient credit’ when they try to dial a number outside the free minutes range. The customer should go to www.ivertecbroadband.com to add credit to their account by using "Top Up". All calls will be charged at low call rates as stated in Call Rates.


Will "Top Up" credit expire?
No, this credit will remain on your account until it is used.


I am on the Ivertec Broadband network and so is my friend. Is there a charge to call my friend?
No, there is no charge to call people on the Ivertec Broadband network.

Phone Addon Number & Emergency Services

I don’t have a permanent landline; can I get a new number from Ivertec Broadband?
Yes, Ivertec Broadband will provide you with a new number. There is no charge for this.


Can I keep my existing phone number?
Yes, Ivertec Broadband will port your existing landline number at no extra cost. This will take between 24 and 48 hours.


Can I call the emergency services?
Calls to 999 will be aimed at the emergency services; however Ivertec Broadband cannot guarantee the dependability of these calls. Customers should be informed that power outages can hamper PC equipment and internet connectivity and therefore will eliminate use of service for emergency calling. Due to the nature of the VOIP service, it may not be possible for the emergency services to establish the specific location of the caller. Users of the Ivertec Broadband phone service will have to notify the emergency services of their precise location.


Will Ivertec Broadband provide access to premium numbers?

Services & Contract

What is the contract period?
There is an initial contract period of 12 months.


Can I change the package I am on?
Yes, it is easy to upgrade the package you are on.

Account Payment

How can I pay for the service?
Direct debit only for monthly subscription or annual payment in full.

Credit or Debit cards can be used when an account needs credit by using "Top Up" on www.ivertecbroadband.com